28×50 home plan with 3d design

28×50 home plan with 3d design|28×50 best home design idea

28×50 home plan and design

28×50 home plan with 3d design
28×50 home plan and design by acha homes

28×50 home plan with 3d design

28×50 home plan with 3d design hello friends now you are at the right place now you will get all details here .we will provide you detail about a 28×50 duplex house design . this house exterior is really amazing and beautiful.this design is made for Maharastra client . Client is really happy after getting this design . we are here to provide you your dream home design .

our aim to provide you your dream home design .We Constantly updated with new home plans and resources to help you achieve your dreams home plans. This site is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use source for home plans on the internet. Our house designs are result of expert, creative mind and best technology available. You can find the uniqueness and creativity in our home designs. When we are designing of a house plan we think on every need and comfort as we designed like we are going to live in this house.Here comes an absolutely awesome house design which is at an area of 2800 square feet. The colonial and the traditional architectural styles are elegantly combined in the elevation of this house. Lots of natural light is invited into the house through the windows that line one of the walls here. This is not only enhances the stylish look of the house but also helps to reduce the heat inside.

this impressive 28 x 50 feet south facing house may be a big expensive, but if you think rationally, having a large home of this measurement is worth it. It can bring you comfort and luxurious feel which are second to none. Certainly, your children will have a memorable childhood in such a wonderful place. Your dearest friends will be pleased during their stay with you.

The main advantage of a south-facing house is the amount of sunlight you will enjoy. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west the south side of any house will see the most hours of sunlight during the day especially in the northern hemisphere If you like entertaining on a summer’s evening or want as much natural light as possible in your living room. Then a south-facing aspect may be a big consideration when choosing a new house.

28×50 house plans, 28 by 50 home plans for your dream house. Plan is narrow from the front as the front is 25 ft and the depth is 50 ft. There are 4 bedrooms and 2 attached bathrooms . It has two floors . The total covered area is 2800 sq ft approx. two of the bedrooms is on the ground floor. It has view of the Patio that serves the purpose of ventilation as well. The stairs come up on the terrace first floor is for rent purpose . 2 flats are there for rent purpose

House Specification details
duplex house plan and design
Ground floor area : 1400 Sq-Ft
First floor area : 1400 Sq-Ft
Total area : 2800 Sq-Ft
No. of bedrooms : 4 bedroom
No. of floors : 2 + Headroom
Plot Size : 28 x 50 sq. ft.
Design style : Modern flat roof

28×50 first floor plan design by acha homes

House Facilities
Ground floor
Car parking
common toilet
Master Bedroom
pooja room
toilet /wc

first floor
flat 1
hall with attach balcony
kitchen with attach toilet

flat 2Hall
kitchen with attach toilet

this plan and design is made my ACHA HOMES

you can contact them for your home plan and 3d elevation design

For more information about this home design
Designed By: ACHA HOMES
kasargod kerala
whatsapp: +91 8279698629
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